September Favourites 2014 + Twitter and Facebook!

Hi everyone! Cannot BELIEVE it’s almost October! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! (in other words, slowly drowning in start-of-term homework) Today we have my September Favourites, so on with the show!



I love InStyle magazine! Even if it’s just to rip out the adverts for posters on my walls (no joke, their ‘American Vintage’ one looks pretty freaking cool on my wardrobe!) Even though I will never be able to afford anything in the fashion section, I just love looking at the recent fashion shows! I got this as a birthday present back in March and it was only £15 for a one year subscription, not too bad! What’s your fav magazine?




This is the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume (the original, not Enchanted) and IT SMELLS SO GOOD! Here is what Boots said about it:

“Wonderstruck is a charming and sparkling surprise of vibrant fruits, kissed by a bouquet of soft petals and a touch of sweet indulgence.”

I didn’t really know how to explain it, so there you go! If you visit the Boots website you can read the full list of scents here . The bottle is sooo cute, you can’t really tell in the pic but it has like a mystical sheen to it when you turn it towards the light. The body lotion is also really nice, but it’s quite concentrated so don’t simply lather yourself with it!


I got this fella from Homebase last year. This year I’m trying to switch up my room for Autumn so he fits in perfectly. I love how he is simple white so I can add in colour through other pieces like those stripey photo albulms and the M & S home catalogue behind Mr Owl. Btw, do you guys want a Christmas Room Tour this year? I know it’s a way off, but you never be too prepared!



Yup, this is as far as I dare go into the world of makeup. This is just a cheap MUA Clear Mascara that I bought for £1 at Superdrug, but boy, do I love it! It just gives you super lovely natural lashes, nothing too extravagant but without doing nothing at all. Sorry, I would have a ‘swatch’ but I only remembered to swatch at 9pm…not good lighting!


Eva – Mylifeaseva on Youtube ♥

Eva is just perfect. Perfectamondo. Perfecto. Perf. Her quality of videos, editing and camera skills are out of this world and gosh, her style is so tumblr-esque. She is so bubbly, fun and real that it feels like you’re talking to a best friend, where in reality you’re actually watching a teen girl do her job for over 1,000,000 people. Here are the links to her Youtube channel, Twitter and Instagram.

Songs ♫

Only Love – Ben Howard

Girls Chase Boys – Ingrid Michaelson

Runaway – Self


Remember to be optimistic!

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What are your favourites this month? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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1 Tee: 3 Autumn Outfits

Yo, whatup?! Oooo the Autumnal feelzies are coming on at the mo. Starbucks, sweaters, owls…you name it, my lovely friend. BUT. And that’s a big but (hehe). I have a confession. I, Lottie, have never actually tried a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I know, I’m disappointed in myself too. But, the thing is, I don’t really like the taste of coffee. Can you actually taste it? Or do they do a PS Hot Chocolate? Lemme know. Anyway… I’m going to do a seasonal series here on my bloggy-woggy. I have this basic white crop tee from Topshop and, boy, it’s one of the best £10 I’ve ever spent. You can honestly wear it with anything. So, I have styled it into 3 Autumn Outfits for you, and will list where I got all my pieces. Enjoy!

1. Daisy Girl





My beautiful doggie ♥



Sister found some conkers on our walk ♥

Top – Topshop ♥ Leggings – TK Maxx ♥ Shoes – Converse All Star Low Canvas in White ♥ Bucket Bag – Sainsbury’s ♥

 2. Burgandy and Khaki

P1030035 (2)





Top – Topshop ♥ Skirt – H&M (last year sadly) ♥ Jacket – Sainsbury’s ♥ Bag – Accessorize (last year again) ♥ Socks – Primark

♥ Shoes – Converse All Star Low Canvas in White ♥

3. Edgy Checks





Top – Topshop ♥ Jeans – Topshop (£10 in the sale…bargain!) ♥ Checked Shirt – New Look (VERY old, sorry) ♥ Socks – Primark

♥ Shoes – Converse All Star Low Canvas in White  ♥

So there we go! 1 tee styled into 3 different Autumn outfits! As you can probably tell, I do keep things for quite a few years. A lot of the stuff I have is pretty old. But who said reusing pieces is bad? I love Autumn fashion, every year is different but I still love the burgundy and khaki colours that come in every year. Summer is always neons, crop tops and pineapples/watermelons but Autumn is always unique.

What are your favourite pieces this Autumn? Are you already preparing the hot choccys and snuggly blankets? Any requests for posts?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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NEW Blog Schedule


Heyo. Just a quick note to tell you that I’m moving my weekly post to a MONDAY not a Thursday anymore. I thought it would be a nice way to start your week! Sorry there’s no post today, but it’s gonna be a goodun’ on Monday! (sneaky hint: it’s fashion related!) Hope all your week’s are going well and happy.

What did you think of my last post? What do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love,

Lottie  ♥

Things That Make Me Happy :)


Well, hello, lovely internet people. How are we all doing today? Good? Good. Today I’m doing a bit more of a personal post. I’m going to share with you 25 Things That Make Me Happy. If you’re a blogger, I really suggest you do this! It really lifts your mood when you physically write (or type) down what you really love in life. So, deep bit over, let’s make a start!

1. Sunshine. Any temperature, anywhere, anytime, I love it.

2. The smell of freshly baked cookies.

3. Eating the freshly baked cookies.

4. Getting a higher score in my test than my genius best friend.

5. Deciding I’m going to push myself (metaphorically!) further than I planned.

6. Making my family and friends laugh.

7. A tidy bedroom.

8. Saying ‘I love you’.

9. Knowing that I did the right thing.

10. Disney. Need I say more?

11. New stationery.

12. A neat desk.

13. Realising I got NO HOMEWORK that day.

14. Knowing that I can come back to people I love.

15. Knowing I have someone to go to when I have any problem.

16. Fresh fruit salad.

17. The seaside. Any country, any season. The sea really calms me.

18. Finding a new song I like and playing it repeatedly.

19. Snuggling up for the night with a blanket and a good book.

20. Waking up realising it’s Saturday, not Monday.

21. Beating my personal best.

22. Adding a splash of colour into anything I do.

23. Meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in ages, and realise it’s just like the old times.

24. Having a blog which I love.

25. Life, in general.

Well, my lovely lovely people, thank you. Just, thank you. Peace out.

ps. What makes you happy?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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August Favourites 2014 + Few Updates

Hi everyone! Today I have my August Favourites to share with you. I’ve been getting pretty organised recently since school has started (blah) so there’s quite a few stationery items in today’s post! Let’s get started! Also, read til the end to hear about the new updates that are going on on

P1020921 (2)

File Dividers & Binder Clips – Sainsbury’s / Binder – This Is It / Pencil Case – Accessorize

We have the stationery. Aaaahhhhh stationery, I love you. I really do. I have been looking for one of those ‘clear pocket’ binders for AGES now, but they’ve all been so expensive. The clear pocket allows you to slip things in and out of the binder front, meaning more ways to customise it! But I finally found one in a value store called This Is It reduced to 99p! If you’re confused, the store is LITERALLY called This Is It. The binder clips were a sneaky buy from the Sainsbury’s sale for 59p and the file dividers also from Sainsbury’s for 74p. Not bad, eh? The pencil case is from Accessorize, not sure how much it was though because it was a gift. The new school season is the PERFECT excuse to have a little stationery haul, me thinks!

P1020930 (2)

Next up is a Strawberry Syrup. This is basically like really strong squash. I got mine from a little supermarket in Paris, doesn’t that make me sound posh?! Just pop out to Paris for a drink. No, my family went out there for a holiday. It was only a couple euros which is much cheaper than the syrups here. Wish I bought more! All you do is pour roughly 1-2 teaspoons over cold water, stir and ta da! IT’S. SO. GOOD!

P1020914 (2)

P1020917 (2)

Next, colourful chevron washi tape. Need I say more? If you’re not sure what washi tape is, it’s basically patterned tape. Mine came in this set of 4 from Ebay for £4, maybe? Can’t remember. I’d definitely recommend Ebay for washi tape, they’re much cheaper than buying them from craft shops. Also, surprisingly, I got some from Sainsbury’s that were really pretty as well for about the same price.


Gabriella – velvetgh0st on Youtube

Little different this month: I have a favourite Youtuber/blogger! This is Gabby from Velvetgh0st on Youtube. She’s an English beauty and lifestyle guru who is just so sweet! I especially love her home hauls, she really makes the the most boring things seem fun! Her filming and editing is pure perfection and she has the most cheesey yet undeniably amazing jokes, and they always make my day. Want to check her out? Here’s is the link to her main channel, vlog channel and her blog.

Songs ♫

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift (such a feel good song!)

This Is How We Do – Katy Perry (keeping in that summer vibeeee)

What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club (anyone noticed that lots of Youtubers use the beginning of this song in their videos?)




*I’m really sorry but the quote doesn’t seem to be showing up! If you want to see it, simply click on it and it should show*

I think we all need to remember sometimes to just stop, and smile. It’s not much of a quote, but I think it’s still an important thing to do! Also, did you know it takes less facial muscles to smile than to frown? Smiling is prettier, and less effort!


♥ You may or may not have noticed that I’ve changed my header! What do you think of it?

♥ I’ve joined Bloglovin’! There is a button at the bottom of my blog to follow me or you can check me out on their website here

What are you loving this month? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥