August Favourites 2014 + Few Updates

Hi everyone! Today I have my August Favourites to share with you. I’ve been getting pretty organised recently since school has started (blah) so there’s quite a few stationery items in today’s post! Let’s get started! Also, read til the end to hear about the new updates that are going on on

P1020921 (2)

File Dividers & Binder Clips – Sainsbury’s / Binder – This Is It / Pencil Case – Accessorize

We have the stationery. Aaaahhhhh stationery, I love you. I really do. I have been looking for one of those ‘clear pocket’ binders for AGES now, but they’ve all been so expensive. The clear pocket allows you to slip things in and out of the binder front, meaning more ways to customise it! But I finally found one in a value store called This Is It reduced to 99p! If you’re confused, the store is LITERALLY called This Is It. The binder clips were a sneaky buy from the Sainsbury’s sale for 59p and the file dividers also from Sainsbury’s for 74p. Not bad, eh? The pencil case is from Accessorize, not sure how much it was though because it was a gift. The new school season is the PERFECT excuse to have a little stationery haul, me thinks!

P1020930 (2)

Next up is a Strawberry Syrup. This is basically like really strong squash. I got mine from a little supermarket in Paris, doesn’t that make me sound posh?! Just pop out to Paris for a drink. No, my family went out there for a holiday. It was only a couple euros which is much cheaper than the syrups here. Wish I bought more! All you do is pour roughly 1-2 teaspoons over cold water, stir and ta da! IT’S. SO. GOOD!

P1020914 (2)

P1020917 (2)

Next, colourful chevron washi tape. Need I say more? If you’re not sure what washi tape is, it’s basically patterned tape. Mine came in this set of 4 from Ebay for £4, maybe? Can’t remember. I’d definitely recommend Ebay for washi tape, they’re much cheaper than buying them from craft shops. Also, surprisingly, I got some from Sainsbury’s that were really pretty as well for about the same price.


Gabriella – velvetgh0st on Youtube

Little different this month: I have a favourite Youtuber/blogger! This is Gabby from Velvetgh0st on Youtube. She’s an English beauty and lifestyle guru who is just so sweet! I especially love her home hauls, she really makes the the most boring things seem fun! Her filming and editing is pure perfection and she has the most cheesey yet undeniably amazing jokes, and they always make my day. Want to check her out? Here’s is the link to her main channel, vlog channel and her blog.

Songs ♫

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift (such a feel good song!)

This Is How We Do – Katy Perry (keeping in that summer vibeeee)

What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club (anyone noticed that lots of Youtubers use the beginning of this song in their videos?)




*I’m really sorry but the quote doesn’t seem to be showing up! If you want to see it, simply click on it and it should show*

I think we all need to remember sometimes to just stop, and smile. It’s not much of a quote, but I think it’s still an important thing to do! Also, did you know it takes less facial muscles to smile than to frown? Smiling is prettier, and less effort!


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