Things That Make Me Happy :)


Well, hello, lovely internet people. How are we all doing today? Good? Good. Today I’m doing a bit more of a personal post. I’m going to share with you 25 Things That Make Me Happy. If you’re a blogger, I really suggest you do this! It really lifts your mood when you physically write (or type) down what you really love in life. So, deep bit over, let’s make a start!

1. Sunshine. Any temperature, anywhere, anytime, I love it.

2. The smell of freshly baked cookies.

3. Eating the freshly baked cookies.

4. Getting a higher score in my test than my genius best friend.

5. Deciding I’m going to push myself (metaphorically!) further than I planned.

6. Making my family and friends laugh.

7. A tidy bedroom.

8. Saying ‘I love you’.

9. Knowing that I did the right thing.

10. Disney. Need I say more?

11. New stationery.

12. A neat desk.

13. Realising I got NO HOMEWORK that day.

14. Knowing that I can come back to people I love.

15. Knowing I have someone to go to when I have any problem.

16. Fresh fruit salad.

17. The seaside. Any country, any season. The sea really calms me.

18. Finding a new song I like and playing it repeatedly.

19. Snuggling up for the night with a blanket and a good book.

20. Waking up realising it’s Saturday, not Monday.

21. Beating my personal best.

22. Adding a splash of colour into anything I do.

23. Meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in ages, and realise it’s just like the old times.

24. Having a blog which I love.

25. Life, in general.

Well, my lovely lovely people, thank you. Just, thank you. Peace out.

ps. What makes you happy?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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