Autumn Room Decor

Guys, today is a sad, sad day. Today, I finally have to accept that summer is gone *haunting music, black clothes and a tissue come out in a flurry* (yes, I know it’s October, it took me a while). But, that’s ok. Because you know what that means? NEW SEASONAL ROOM DECOR FOR AUTUMN! Today I’m showing you my autumn room decor as we go into the colder months. So…let’s get this party started! (don’t we live a life of adventure?!) I probably will add some Halloween stuff but at the moment it’s still in the loft!


I had this striped owl but I thought it was a bit too summery. I got this lovely white owl a few years ago from Homebase. I think it’s much more suited to the autumn! I also switched out the catalouges from an old Boden one to a M&S one, I really like the greens in the latter one! My little fairy was a gift but I’m sure you could find it from any trinkety shop and my note holder is actually called Morris! He’s a donkey! I bought it from John Lewis years ago when I first had my own bit of money. It cost me a whopping £10, would never spend that much on it today!





I got these shells from a trinket shop in Dorset but I think their a bit too summer-like for this time of year! I switched hem out with this smelly ( a good smelly) owl from TK Maxx and a leaf ‘dish’. I say ‘dish’ because I made it in like, Year 5 maybe? We just printed leaves onto clay and let it dry and it came out like a small bowl dish sort of thing. The owl smells really good, it’s not as strong as I’d like but I still love it!



My lovely sister bought me this owl bag from TK Maxx last year! I currently have it filled with some Belgian chocolate that I bought on a school trip a couple weekends ago (post on that maybe? Lemme know). It’s got such an autumnal theme…I love it so much!



I really like this duvet cover from Ikea. It means whenever you want a change you can just turn over the duvet and get a completely different look! I use the floral side in the spring/summer and the checks in autumn/winter. I love the reds and pinks in it! The TK Maxx pink pillow is turned round because it’s actually got reindeer on the other side…a touch too early for Christmas, me thinks!


This blanket is the fluffiest thing you will ever stroke.Honestly, I could cuddle up in it all day. It was only £12 from Costco last year! One side is sherpa and the other a soft kind of’ ‘plush’. When the sherpa side gets a bit hot, the plush side keeps a bit cooler so you can just switch the blanket round!

Well, my daaaaarlings, I hope you enjoyed this post. OH BIGGO QUESTION COMING UP. Does anyone know where to buy cheap fake autumn leaves? I searched around and Poundland don’t have them til November (blah).

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥