October Favourites 2014

Well helloooooooo lovely people. We have my monthly favourites for you to read today. I know everyone says this but how quickly has October gone this year?!?! I swear I’ve only just pulled my school stuff together for the first day of this school year! Today I have some ever so lovely stuff for you to feast your eyes upon, so let’s go go go!!!


lotsoflovelottieblogoctfavs4This scarf has so many lovely colours in it! I like it for autumn/winter as it adds some colour to outfits. I managed to get it from a county show for £5 but here is something similar.



This body shower cream is sooooo moisturising! It smells like heaven and it feels thick, but isn’t, if you know what I mean. I love using it as a shaving cream on my legs as it smooths and softens your skin. You can purchase it here from Boots for £3.99.




PUMPKIN PATCHES. Need I say more? My family and I went to a Pick Your Own in Devon when we were on holiday on Halloween. The sun was shining, it was warm and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. And, we got three ‘authentic’ pumpkins for £2.36! I much prefer these pumpkins to supermarket ones as they are all different and not the same boring size. And, how cool are those green pumpkins?!?! We carved them when we got home, such good fun.



I love these fairy lights from Primark. The white lights were only £1.50 and the hearts £3! I’ve currently got them along my day bed and I think they look really pretty!


Paris In Four Months

Carin from Paris In Four Months is such an amazing blogger. Her photography skills are fantastic and gosh, she really makes me want to hop on the first plane to Paris. She shows Paris through ways that you might not see – little cafés, hidden courtyards, beautiful architecture…it’s incredible! Check out her blog, Instagram and Facebook.


The Mother We Share – CHVRCHES


Dreadlock Holiday – 10cc


Superlove – Charli XCX




I am love love LOVING Cath Kidston at the moment. Their autumn floral range is gorgeous and I tried on a green sparkly sweater from their winter range the other day and it was perfect! Shame about the £38 price tag though, but that’s what the sale is for, right? Here’s the website.

Soooooo did you enjoy that? How cute are those pumpkins?!?! If you want to check out my other favourites posts, here is July’s, August’s and September’s. What were your favourites this month? Let me know in the comments, or  on my Twitter and Facebook.

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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