Lottie’s Life – Black Friday Shopping and Advent Calendars!

Happy Thursday everyone! How are we? Good good. This week’s installment of #LottiesLife is getting festive…even more than my last couple! Oooo also thank you so much for liking last week’s Lottie’s Life so much! That was my best day for likes on one post EVER! Thank you! On with zee show…

On Friday 28th my mum, sister and I went Christmas Shopping after our (my sister and I’s) guitar exam. We went straight into town after the exam and started shopping. ON BLACK FRIDAY. To be fair though, it wasn’t too busy. I think Black Friday has become more of a ‘thing’ this year in the UK, which means more sales! Most of the shops were doing like a 10 or 20% off but we walked past GAP and it was a whooping 50% OFF EVERYTHING! We got excited. Quite a bit excited.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Week 3 1

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Week 3 2

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Week 3 3

I got the white jumper for £17.47 (originally £34.95), the navy top for £9.47 (originally £18.95) and the beanie for £7.47 (originally £14.95). So I got all these items for less than the original price of the jumper…HOW COOL IS THAT. *high five* Each item is really good quality and can’t you just imagine the jumper and the beanie together with like a dark khaki coat on a cold Christmas Day walk? FABULOUS, darling, FABULOUS. But you had to pay a (metaphorical and real) price for such good stuff. The queue to the checkout was so long, they had to close the store so the queue didn’t get any longer, it was that bad. Literally a guy working there was at the door sending people away and only opening the door to let people in the queue out once they’d paid. Uh-huh, you heard (or read) me.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Week 3 4

I GOT MY ADVENT CALENDARRRR. How exciting is that? I actually got it a couple weeks ago but I thought I’d still show you guys 🙂 Oh it hasn’t had any doors opened because I took this photo at the weekend. Gotta love me some Pooh Bear.

Well my lovely ones, hope you enjoyed that post. Sorry for the lack of photos, I rarely had my camera with me when I needed it! Did anyone spot my beanie from Monday’s November Favourites? Brownie points to you! Hope you are having a good week, what have you been up to?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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