Lottie’s Life: Beautiful Flowers and New Trainers!

Hey everyone! How are we all doing? This week has been pretty cool, but it’s still soooo cold. Yet it hasn’t snowed? Like, what? That’s just teasing me. Anyways, my mum’s friend bought my mum some flowers and I gave them a little photo shoot! They were just too lovely!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 7 2

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 7 1

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 7 3

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 7 4

How pretty are they?!?! At the weekend my mum and I went shopping in town and we went to Sweat Shop. We have this PruHealth thingy (technical term) that means we get 50% off a pair of trainers for each of us! How cool is that? I got these asics ones which were originally £95, reduced to £50 in the sale then I got 50% off of that so they ended up being £25! Uh I’m so excited to try them out!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 7 6

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 7 7

If you were wondering they are the GT 1000 2 model, which you can find on the asics website here.

Well, that’s all from me this week me lovelies, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Tell me what you’ve been up to! Do you like my new snazzy trainers?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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My Year Round Skincare Routine: Perfect for Teens!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Skincare Rotuine 1

Toodles! How’s y’all doin? I could almost be American. Ok maybe not. Anywayssss, today I’m going to show you my easy, simple and gentle skincare routine. And before you ask, my family have ALWAYS used Forever Living Products so that’s why there are so many of their products in this post! I am in no way sponsored by any brands by mentioning their products on my blog, I just simply love them! Let’s get this party started!


1. Forever Living Products Aloe Face and Hand Soap

I know some of you will be screaming at me like YOU CAN’T USE SOAP ON YOUR FACE! but chill, it’s alright! This is actually more like a cleanser. I use a pump of this in the morning to wash my face then clean it off with a disc sponge. This product is gentle and mild so is perfect for sensitive teenage skin.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Skincare Routine 4

2. Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover

I normally only have to use this Monday morning as I only wear black mascara on the weekends. I pour a little bit on a cotton pad and wipe gently over and under my eyes to remove that beautiful ‘panda’ look. This is so gentle, I love it! I tried the Nivea daily essentials wipes and they were so drying and made my eyelashes brittle, these were definitely more moisturising and better for young skin.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Skincare Routine 6

3. Forever Living Products Aloe Moisturising Lotion

This is sooooo moisturising whether your skin is dry from winter weather or from the sun in summer! I just gently apply a pea-sized amount to my face and neck, rubbing it into my skin gently. Sometimes I mix this with my next product to save time, I don’t know if that’s especially good or not so let me know whether I should carry on doing this or not.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Skincare Routine 5

4. Forever Living Products Aloe SPF 30 Sunscreen

I’ve never really tried another sunscreen as this one is just perfect. I apply it all year round as it protects your skin from wind as well as sun. And obviously it does just as good of a job on your body in the summer too!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Skincare Routine 3

5. Forever Living Products Aloe SPF 30 Sun Lips

This is pretty much the same as the sunscreen except for your lips! I also apply this at night as it’s such a great lip balm and leaves your lips smooth and flake-free (ew).


*Most products are the same so just look at the descriptions above to find out about the products 🙂 *

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Skincare Routine 8

1. Simple Kind to Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes

These are perfect for removing makeup gently. I only wear a bit of mascara and eye shadow at the weekends so I don’t know if these remove foundation or whatnot. They are expensive if you use them everyday, but you can buy them in big packs of 6 from Costco for less.

2. Forever Living Products Aloe Face and Hand Soap ^^

3. Forever Living Products Aloe Moisturising Lotion ^^

4. Forever Living Products Aloe SPF 30 Sun Lips ^^


Lots of Love Lottie Blog Skincare Routine 7

1. Forever Living Products Aloe Scrub

Now this does say you can use it everyday but I don’t as I don’t know how gently it will be on sensitive-ish skin and tbh, I can’t be bothered! But it is a really good product, gently exfoliating your skin to make it super smooth. P.s, don’t be put off that it looks like lumpy toothpaste! I usually use this at the weekend as that’s when I have 2-3 minutes to ‘use circular motions to exfoliate your face’!

So that is my simple skincare routine! What are your staple products? Which do you love most? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Easy and Quick Crêpes With Frozen Berry Coulis

Hey! Not much has happened in the recipe department on Lots of Love Lottie recently, so I thought it fitting to share with you a good, long-lasting recipe: crêpes! This is my dad’s signature breakfast recipe (apart from his pepper and chorizo fritata *drools*) and it is a whopping good one. It’s a tradition for us to have these crêpes at the weekend! And the berry coulis is so easy to make and is less expensive because you can use frozen fruit! I’m not sure how fruit like mango or pineapple would work in the coulis, but if you try it out, let me know how it goes!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Crepes 5

Makes: 6 10 inch crêpes



3/4 (704ml) pint milk

4 oz. (113g) flour

1 egg

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Crepes 1

1. Mix all ingredients together in a jug with a whisk until combined.

2. Heat oil in a frying pan. The crêpes come out at about 10 inches if that helps you decide which pan to use.

3. When oil is hot, use a ladle to drop 2 1/2 ladles of batter into the pan.

4. Swirl batter around to create a thin pancake.

5. Wait for that side to cook then flip over (without a spatula if you can!)

6. Crêpes should be a light goldeny yellow colour with a few ‘giraffe’ spots as my sister calls them!

7. To keep warm place in a very low oven while you make the other crêpes.

Berry Coulis

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Crepes 2

1-4 to 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries (I used strawberries and blueberries)

approx. tablespoon caster sugar

1. While you’re cooking your 3rd to 4th crêpe, place berries and sugar in a small saucepan.

2. Place on a medium-high heat and cook and stir until sugar has dissolved and mixture is more ‘gloopy’.

3. Pour over crêpes!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Crepes 4


Other topping ideas are:

*classic lemon and sugar

*orange juice and sugar


*peanut butter and grated dark chocolate

*ham (for something savoury!)

Have fun making this recipe!

What’s your favourite breakfast recipe? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life: Lemon Poppy Seed Cake and Winter Walks

Hallo loves! Sorry for the lack of Lottie’s Life last week, getting back into the routine of school is harder than you think! And I literally realised a few minutes after my New Year’s Resolutions post went up that I didn’t do a December Favs, let alone 2014 favs! So sorry! It didn’t even cross my mind. I’m not doing too well at the moment, am I? Don’t worry, I’ll sort myself out! Let’s crack on 🙂

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Cake

I made this beauty on Saturday night. You know when you don’t what to do so you just bake? That was me. This is a Lemon and Lime Poppy Seed Drizzle Cake. And, if I don’t say so myself, it was pretty tasty. So tasty I may have had 2 slices (or 3, or 4…come on no one counts after the 2nd slice) It was a Lorraine Pascale recipe from her Fast, Fresh and Easy Food cook book. It is such an amazing book! The instructions are so simple to follow, and the recipes are delicious! But, be warned, when Lorraine says drizzle, she means drizzle. I had to make 2 batches of the icing to get to my version of a drizzle!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 6 1

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 6 2

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 6 3

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 6 4

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 6 5

I have to say this actually wasn’t this week, it was a few weeks ago. But I didn’t think a piece of cake was a good enough blog post so I thought I’d throw these pics in here! This was a beautiful walk my family and friends went on. The icy puddles were so pretty and I can’t believe how cute this camper van is that we saw in the car park!

What have you been up to this week? How’s 2015 going so far? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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How To Be Good At Saving And Making Money

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Money Saving 12

‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello! I cannot believe we’ve almost done 2 weeks of 2015. Seems like only yesterday I was posting that Spirit of Christmas Fair post! So today is going to be a bit of a different post – I don’t usually mention money (apart from a few rare bargains) but I thought as it’s still the beginning of the year we would discuss how to save the dosh. Then you tell me ‘I know, Lottie haven’t we seen these posts before?’ But, my friend, let me tell YOU. This is how to save money well, and keep up the good work!

1. Set a goal. This may be quite obvious but you may just be thinking ‘oh I’ll save up for a couple months, see how it goes’. What you REALLY want to think is ‘two months from now and that chair/bag/llama is gonna be MINE’. See what I mean? Turn yourself into a meat-eating-scary-Katy-Perry-in-Roar-music-video kinda gal when you set your goals and your goals will come much quicker than you think!Lots of Love Lottie Blog Money Saving 2

2. Try something more credit/debit card friendly. As nice as it is going to the Ritz for afternoon tea every Sunday, your purse is going to be bone dry (if that makes sense) before you know it. What about a walk in the park? That’s pretty much free unless you need to drive there. Inviting your friends over for a chitchat? See how much more fun and free life can be? (I’m a poet and I SURE KNOW IT BABY)

3. Fundraise. But only if it’s something like a trip or a charity. No one’s gonna sponsor you to get that cute pair of shoes! I am going on a school trip to China (!!!) in April so I’ve been doing something called a Chinese Lottery and dog walking. If you’d like to know more about the Chinese Lottery, you’ll have to email me as it takes a little bit of explaining!

4. Shop in the sales. There are some really great sales on at the moment. I got a Crew Clothing coat the other day reduced to £65 to £135! If you shop around a bit you can find everything a whole lot cheaper!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Money Saving 1

5. Keep reminders. It’s no good forgetting about saving up a week after you set your goal! Keep helpful hints and little notes on your phone and pinned to your diary/planner to help you along the way. For example ‘try going to blahdiblah at lunch to save money’ or ‘instead of going into town and shopping, invite friends round’.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Money Saving 3

Well, lovely ones, I hope that post helped you! Good luck with your saving!

Do you have any tips for saving and making money? What are you saving up for? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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10 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

Lots of Love Lottie Blog NY Resolutions 1

Hi!So…2015,huh? It’s gonna be a big ‘un, me thinks. Now we all know the drill, we make those resolutions on NYE, all ready to go. Run a marathon? Sure. Learn to paint like Picasso? Pffff, easy. Forward to about mid-March and you haven’t even taken a look at those Nikes at the back of your wardrobe, or those expensive paint brushes. Now, I’m not saying you can’t have new year’s resolutions, I think it’s a great idea. But I think we need to give ourselves realistic goals. I’ve come up with a good ol’ list for you folks, if you just need a bit of inspiration. Enjoy…

1. Make your bed every day. Easy, yet effective!

2. Go for evening walks, a great way to get exercise but also get out in the Great Outdoors.

3. Walk your dog regularly.

4. Try that coffee that you’ve been meaning to for the last 6 months. You never know whether you’ll like it til you try!

5. Catch up with friends you haven’t spoken to recently.

6. Try studying for 15 minutes more, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference you’ll see in your grades.

7. Go swimming at least once a month.

8. Write down all your favourite recipes in one place.

9. Try to DIY gifts for friends and family.

10. HAVE FUN. Remember to get away from work, school, home if necessary and just enjoy yourself, doing something you love with people you love.

I know, not your average list of resolutions. But I thought it might be of help to some people!

What are your new year’s resolutions? Got any big plans this year? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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