Lottie’s Life: Red Nose Day Bake Sale!

Hey everyone, we good? We reeeeaaal good? Great! This week my family have been busy baking cakes for a bake sale my sister is doing for Red Nose Day on Friday. It is today, so remember to keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for photos later on! My mum made these colourful butter cream cakes (yes, she so got that idea from the Great Comic Relief Bake Off) and they look pretty cool! And the cherries are red noses, you get it? Red noses? For Red Nose Day? Get it? Hilarious, I know.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Red Nose Day 2

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Red Nose Day

Well guys, hope you thoroughly enjoyed that! are you drooling yet? Brill. Job done. Have a smashing week (oh how posh) Also, this is my 50th post! How weird is that? Can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long! 🙂

Are you raising any money for Red Nose Day? Or has your community/country got a different charitable event? Let me know in the comments, I love to know what you’re up to!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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