Lottie’s Life: Insurgent and 24 Sharpies for £8.49!

Hey guys! So on Saturday I went to see Insurgent with my friend and then we went shopping afterwards. I never really go to the cinema but we had some free tickets so ya know YOLO and all that. I’m going to do a mini review of Insurgent  (SPOILER ALERT) then tell you about my bargain Sharpies, enjoy!



I thought Insurgent was good, but not as good as Divergent. I’ve read the book and the story line was nothing like it. There was no mention of Will’s sister, the alliance Tris had with Marcus and where on Earth did that weird box come from? Also, Jeanine was killed right at the end not 3/4 way through, and was shot by Evelyn not Tori. The simulation was really weird, don’t remember that at all. There was also a lot of pauses for Tris and Tobias to stare into each other’s eyes, that’s all very well but in the middle of every scene? No thanks. It is meant to be a teen movie but still, I’m a teen and I was gagging slightly. I thought the graphics were ok but some of the backgrounds looked very fake and the weird pixels when Tobias was the sim. All very strange! But I did love the excitement and adventure of the film, just like the first one. But the story line did let it down, if I’m honest!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Sharpies

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Sharpies 2

Yes guys, you did read that right. I got 24 sharpies for £9.49 (because my other item was a £1 pack of Mini Eggs, duh). I got this from W H Smith, but it is only in store unfortunately. There was another pack of 24 Sharpies but they were £10, because they had some fancy shmancy metallic pens. This is is the 80’s Glam pack, I still think these are better! I really wanted some  more Sharpies as there are so many Spring DIY’s going around at the moment that involve Sharpies, so these were pretty perfect!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to this week! Tell me what you’ve been up to, I really do like chatting with you guys 🙂

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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