Essie Sale: Nail Polish Haul!

Essie Rainbow Row

L to R: Full Steam Ahead, Style Cartel, Strut Your Stuff, Naughty Nautical, Ruffles & Feathers (big and small!), Roarrrange, Sunday Funday, Jump in my Jumpsuit, Haute in the Heat, Fifth Avenue

Hey! So I was reading the lovely Helen‘s blog and I saw she had posted an Essie nail polish haul. How can you not read a post about the cutest (and best quality) nail polishes ever? So I read and saw she had picked up all of these lovely colours for £2.50 on sale at Fragrance Direct Online! I was so excited! I love Essie nail polishes…apart from the price. £8 a bottle? Nah mate, nah. So you can believe how enthusiastic I was when I could buy these polishes for a little over 25% of the normal price? So, um, yeah. I may have bought a few. Like *cough* 5 regulars and 3 gift sets *cough*…

Essie Polishes

Essie Polishes Together

First up are the regular 13.5ml bottles. The first one is this gorgeous dark deep raspberry called Jump in my Jumpsuit. The second is the ever so famous Fifth Avenue, a coral-orange red that is a complete classic. I wore this on my toes at the weekend and it was pretty much opaque with one coat! Third is Strut Your Stuff, an aqua blue. Then this teal sea foam is called Ruffles and Feathers, I think this will look perfect on the beach in summer! And finally Style Cartel, a purple navy.

Essie Gift Sets

Now onto the gift sets. These were all £5 each, normally £14.99! The 2014 is now reduced to £3.99 as well! I got two of the summer 2013 collection, one as a gift for a friend. The polishes inside are called Naughty Nautical, similar to Ruffles and Feathers. Then Sunday Funday is a really cute pinky coral. Then finally Full Sunday, a pretty lilac which would be perfect for spring.

The second gift set is the summer 2014 collection. I’ve only just realised there is another Ruffles and Feathers in this set. Oops! All well, can just give it to a friend for a birthday! There is also Haute in the Heat, a lovely raspberry red. Then finally, this is one of my favourites, an incredible tangerine orange called Roarrrange (get it? Roar? Like a tiger? GENIUS)

Essie Sizes Comparisons

Essie Ruffles and Feathers

I do realise that a lot of these are past collections, but I still think they’re gorgeous. I think my favourites are Roarrrange and Strut Your Stuff. Love it! What are your favourites Essie nail polishes? Let me know below!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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4 thoughts on “Essie Sale: Nail Polish Haul!

  1. FloralsAndCoralsx says:

    These colours are stunning! I ordered a light pink, I think it’s called mademoiselle, off fragrance direct a few weeks ago but now its rolling into summer I would for sure like to try out a few of the colours you suggested! Strut your stuff looks great:)<3


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