Cyprus 2015

Hello, loves! How are we all? Good? Good. So I’ve been a bit quiet on the old blog recently, as I’ve been jet setting around Europe. As you do.

I went on a 4 day trip to France with school, and I’d love to show you the photos but online safety and all that, I think many of them contain the faces of the kids, so nuh uh. Prefer to keep my school and blog life separate 🙂

So I came back from that magical adventure, spent a day at school, then hopped on a 6:40am plane to Paphos, Cyprus! Hope you enjoy the photos!Cyprus 1

Cyprus 2

Cyprus 3

Cyprus 4

Cyprus 5

Cyprus 6

Cyprus 7

Cyprus 8

Cyprus 9

Just looking at those photos makes me wish I was back in 27c heat. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, it even had a private beach! How cool?! I am SO living somewhere warmer when I’m older, I realise how happier it makes me! But I guess now I’m back that means one thing…Christmas! Eeek! So. Excited. When is it acceptable to start posting Christmas DIY’s is what I want to know…

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend, and here’s to a brilliant start to the week!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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