Lush Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

Hi everyone! So today I’m doing my first Lush review! I’ve only ever tried a small selection of Lush’s products, so when I won Charlotte’s giveaway, I was very excited! She sent me a beautifully wrapped box of goodies, including an extra gift of Dashing Santa. Honestly, that girl is so lovely! I haven’t actually used this bath bomb in my bath yet, I’m saving it for Christmas Eve. So let’s get into the review!

Dashing Santa

I love the shape and colours of this bath bomb, although looking on the website the red in their photos are definitely more prominent and defined, so don’t be fooled by any of those marketing tactics! They’re more pastel coloured, in my opinion. ‘He’ is full of sweet citrus scents, making it a fresh, rejuventaing sort of bath bomb. Perfect for Christmas Morning, I think! He’d be perfect for girls who want to delve into the depth that is bath bombs, super cute and not too expensive!

Overall, I think Dashing Santa smells and looks like a lovely bath bomb and is perfect for this winter! Actually can we talk about how mild it is outside? I walked my dog this morning with just a thin jumper and body warmer. Say, what? Is it actually December, or did I miss a few months and we skipped to February without me realising?

So this is my last post before the New Year, so I will wish you guys a blessed Christmas and Happy 2016! How weird is that? 2016? That’s like some distant supernatural universe haha!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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