Top 5 Workout Videos

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with working out at home. It’s super convenient, but sometimes working out is a nice escape from your surroundings, you know what I mean? All you’re concentrating on is the workout; no exams, no drama, just you and your yoga mat/bike/whatever. It’s brilliant! So when I do fancy a good sweat every now and then, these are some of my favourite videos to use.

Workout Videos

Sports Bra

Blogilates is the QUEEN of Youtube fitness, amirite?! Cassey is so positive and happy, it makes me so happy to watch her videos! I’d definitely reccommend having a scroll through her uploads. Another one, not so well known, is Rinka Essel, I love how simple and straight to the point her videos are!

  1. Blogilates – Stretching for Flexibility: My favourite warm-up video. It is kind of weird seeing 2011 Cassey, but it’s even better seeing how much her business and channel has grown! I make sure to do this before every workout to ensure no pulled muscles!
  2. Blogilates – 5 Minute Arms: Arms are definitely my favourite thing to work out. I really don’t like ab workouts, they just hurt my back and make me feel a bit nauseous! Sorry, digressing. This arms video is a KILLER, but the feeling afterwards is incredible!
  3. Blogilates Arm PIIT: So Cassey has invented PIIT, a mixture of Pilates and HIIT. It is SO MUCH FUN and definitely my new favourite workout! Such effective, much quick.
  4. Blogilates Booty PIIT: And the other PIIT! This one is slightly easier, I find, don’t ask me why! Maybe I just have really weak arms haha 🙂
  5. Rinka Essel 5 Minute Morning Yoga: This one is a great one to do on a day you know you’ll won’t be working out. Even if you start your lazy Sunday doing this, it will freshen you up! Super simple, easy instructions, it’s a win for me!

Blogilates PIIT

So they are my top videos! Let me know if you’ve tried any of them out, or if you have any recommendations!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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