Current Favourite Earring Shop: ESSENTIAL

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Essential

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Essential 2

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Essential 3

Essential was my go-to shop when I first had my ears pierced. The main reason being that they were sterling silver, so kept my mum happy! Then I guess I just forgot about the shop, then we went back in a few weeks ago and I’m so glad we did!

I found these adorable little turtle earrings that I’ve literally been wearing non stop since I got them…no joke. They’re even sterling silver which is a big bonus, as I know they won’t infect my ears. And were an absolute bargain at just £5! The shop had so many gorgeous designs, I even saw little rhinos!

I’ll definitely be returning to Essentials for earrings, they’re such good value!

Have you ever bought from Essentials? What’s your favourite earrings shop?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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What’s In My Bag

Yes, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I’m really only doing this post because of this gorgeous new bag I got, how pretty is it? It was only £12 from Sainsbury’s and I believe it is now reduced to just £9! It has two compartments then two little zipper pockets with a tassel on one of them (very Rebecca Minkoff you know *posh laugh*). I can even fit my big camera in it, so taking this bag out for a day trip is perfect!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog BagLots of Love Lottie Blog Bag 2

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Bag 3

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Bag 4Lots of Love Lottie Blog Bag 6Lots of Love Lottie Blog Bag 5

And that’s what’s in my bag! Phone and earphones, for those times when you can’t bear listening to another 80’s classic on Heart in the car. Pinteresty notebook (post coming soon!) and brightly coloured pen for those times when you have a brilliant idea (or when you’re bored in a restaurant and decide to play Hangman).  Wallet (from TK Maxx) because…well, money, I guess. Glasses case because ain’t nobody got time for scratched bent glasses! SPF Lip Balm for chapped lips, also works on small cuts and moisturising cuticles. Hand sanisitiser because yes I am scared of public toilets.

That’s pretty much the basics in my bag. It varies a lot depending on what I’m doing, but these are my essentials!

What’s your favourite bag? Any essentials that you ALWAYS have around?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Healthy Eating As A Teen

I need to have a little rant. There aren’t many things I rant about, but this topic, I really felt I needed to.

We are told everyday what our life should be like. Whether it be something silly like how our throw cushions should be arranged to something serious like how slim we should be. This generation has a hard time trying to keep up with it all.

Sometimes it’s useful ‘advice’ – like try keeping a water bottle with you at all times, or do an Internet detox. That’s good. I like that advice. But sometimes I read stuff and it makes me SCREAM inside. Like you should be a max of 100 pounds to get a boyfriend. And not eating breakfast/lunch/dinner will make you ‘skinny’ and ‘beautiful’. No, just no.

It’s advice like this that affects teenagers A LOT. Teens are struggling anyway with working out what their future will hold. But whack some more pictures of Photoshopped beach blonde babe models and it doesn’t help, honey, it does not. That’s when eating disorders come into the equation.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Healthy Eating 1

And it’s because so many teens are getting eating disorders, the minute another teen says “I’ll have the salad” parents, neighbours, friends, family start yelling “Nuh uh, what’s up with you? You don’t need to diet!”. Which is so annoying. Because sometimes all that teen is trying to do it nourish their body, grow stronger physically and mentally and you know what? Try some new food!

I am a pretty healthy girl. I love kale. And hot lemon water. And two ingredient banana pancakes (they taste like Heaven, try them out). And most people know that. But yet whenever I say, “Can I have some more salad/do you mind if we don’t have pizza?” I still FEEL the stares. Now I know these people are just caring and worried but because of this awful ‘advice’ trend going around at the moment people need to be concerned if ya girl just wants a smoothie!

This really annoys me. Because they’re are some very smart teens out there who know what they’re doing. They are HELPING THEMSELVES. And it’s freakin’ awesome. I love it. I love how some of my friends now say they love fruit. They know what Vitamin A is. They know that wholemeal is better.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Healthy Eating 2

I am very appreciative of what I have, and how lucky I am. But sometimes I wish that there were more of us ‘middle group’ people. And by this I mean we’re not at either end of the spectrum. We’re not starving ourselves, neither are we eating Burger King for dinner errrrrry day.

I feel like I’ve waffled on a bit today. But there were all these thoughts just rattling around in my brain and writing it out seemed like the best option!

I’d love to know YOUR opinion on healthy eating as a teen. Tweet me, email me, or comment!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Life Lately!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Cambria Joy

Well hey! Long time no see! You might have noticed I haven’t posted recently. I was a having a bit of a fight with my blog design, it was the simple things like my social media icons weren’t centered and it really annoyed me! So I went ahead, became a HTML genius (ahem…) and just fiddled with my design a bit. I hope you like the new ‘refresh’ I’ve given it!

I’m also going to start doing 2-3 posts a week! I’ve decided that as I was doing 1 post a week I felt that it had to be really high quality. And because I felt this I worked so hard that the posts weren’t even that great quality! So, some snazzy new good quality posts are coming your way soon!

I’ve also got Pinterest now! I know, slightly late to the party, but hey? What can a girl do?

Right, see ya lovely people! Until Monday!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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A Quick Break From Blogging

Hello everyone. I have decided to take a couple weeks off blogging. I feel I’m not spending enough time with my family, enjoying this weather and generally having a social life haha. In my almost year of blogging I haven’t missed one Monday post so hopefully you won’t mind if I don’t blog until either the 20th or 27th July. My life is absolutely hectic at the moment, we looked in the diary and my family and I haven’t got a free weekend until OCTOBER. Like, what?! I also had to leave school yesterday unexpectantly with headaches and fainting and I legit couldn’t speak or read a sentence and to be honest it was a little scary! I just want to relax these last few weeks of school. Thank you for being so lovely and supportive on either my blog or chatting to me on Twitter. And don’t worry, lots of very exciting posts coming up!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ❤️

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My New Gizmo: iPhone 6!

My new gizmo. My new gadget. My new baby. Guys, I’d like to present my brand spanking new iPhone 6.

iphone back no case Lots of Love Lottie BlogiPhone NoCase Lots of Love Lottie Blog

Ok, it’s like 3/4 weeks old but still, HOW BLOODY GORGEOUS IS IT. My sister, being the grown up little missy she is, got to the age where it was time for her to get a phone. So we pulled the old Motorola out the cupboard and she was good to go! Apart from one fact: it died within 2 weeks. I don’t blame it really, it has been going 7 years and has already passed through my mum and I, so it must have felt a little worn guys this is bad I’m referring to a phone as a human #2015probz  Any who, so I’d been thinking of saving up for a new phone as it was. So that’s how my sister received my Samsung S3 Mini.

The S3 is a brilliant phone, it still works brilliantly and does exactly what you need from a smart phone. So that went to my sister, mum got on the phone, didn’t stop til she got a good deal and that’s how this beautiful creation landed in my hands.

iPhone Charger Lots of Love Lottie Blog

I have the 16gb Silver version. It’s so sleek and lovely and very slippy, I’d definitely reccommend a case. It arrived beautifully packaged in the sleek white box with headphones and a phone charger and other random things, to be honest I just wanted to get to the phone! But later on I did get round to decorating the charger, I have to say it actually looks pretty cool!

The camera quality is incredible, perfect for someone like me who loves photography and blogging. The range of apps on the App Store is amazing, I now know there’s an app for everything! Comment if you’d like to see a What’s on My iPhone post 🙂

iPhone With case Lots of Love Lottie BlogiPhone With Case on Back Lots of Love Lottie Blog

iPhone Cases Lots of Love Lottie Blog

iPhone Charger and earphone Holes Lots of Love Lottie Blog

My case is by Anker and I got it off Amazon for a tenner, I think. It’s very protective as it has a plastic transparent screen that goes on front of the phone then a backing. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world but it does the job well. Let me know if you know where to get cute protective cases!

There were a few bad points though. It’s quite shocking how quickly high-quality photos and apps take up space! I’m having to clear through everything, and I’ve only had it 4 weeks. Also, the battery life isn’t amazing either.

But overall I am LOVING my new iPhone so far! I can’t wait to learn about how to use it. I’d like to say I am so so so grateful to be able to have things like this. I do know how lucky I am! And I’d also like to say a quick mention to Carly’s family and friends, my thoughts are with you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not going to explain as its personal and too many blogs have done whole posts on it already and have gone about it very wrongly.

On a lighter note, I’d love to know if you’d like to see a What’s on My iPhone post! Also, do you have an iPhone? Any tips for a fellow sister? Hit me up!

Lots of Love, Lottie ♥

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10 Things To Do This Summer!

10 things to do this summer lots of love lottie blog

I cannot tell you just how much I am LOVING this heatwave! I’m currently sat in a dress with the back door open and I’m not even shivering. Dreams really do come true. Moving on…I got inspired by this gorgeous weather that I thought I would give you lovely peeps some inspiration for things to do if you’re bored this summer or just need some inspiration. Enjoy…

1. Make homemade lemonade! (RECIPE COMING SOON!) There is nothing better than a big ol’ glass of homemade lemonade. I love the freshness of the lemons and I much prefer non-fizzy lemonade as it’s less processed and better for your digestive system. It’s a win win situation, really.

2. Ride a bike Yes, you can actually be like those people on the Centre Parks adverts now – wind through your hair, happy family, a leafy roof above your head…ok so maybe not but it’s fun to pretend, right? Even if you haven’t got a bike, you can hire one from your town centre. Here’s a secret, it’s not just London who have Boris Bikes!

3. DIY a kimono Kimonos are soooo easy to make out of a scarf. I could do a tutorial for you if you want but there are countless videos online telling you how to sew up something Japanese! But I did this find this very useful video for a temporary kimono out of a scarf.

Lots of Love Lottie May Favs Carnations

4. Homemade ice lollies Homemade ice lollies are soo good. They’re cheaper, healthier and more delicious than shop bought. Just pick up a cheap mould from Poundland, and let your imagination run wild! My sister and I love pouring plain fruit juice, smoothies, yoghurt and fruit into ours.

5. Make friendship bracelets I know bracelet making may seem like it’s for 5 year old BFFs but trust me, stacked bracelets for the summer look reeeeeal cute. I bought a HUGE bag of embroidery threads from Dunelm Mill for £7 in the sale a few years ago and they’re still going today! Plus, there’s hundreds of tutorials online to refer to.

6. Picnics! Picnics are just….ahh. No word can describe my love for siting on a old blanket, with a tower of sausage rolls and plastic cups. Knowing our lazy world I’m sure you can buy ready made picnic baskets from a supermarket or do that weird thing nowadays called MAKE YOUR OWN. Riveting, I assure you. Have a picnic in your garden, a random field or a National Trust place with friends or family and let the good times roll!

Essie Polishes Together

7. Create a blog I cannot express just how happy blogging makes me, so I urge you to pick up the courage to make one yourself! This is England for goodness sake, there is surely going to be a rainy day this summer where you can have some much needed bonding time with your laptop and camera.

8. Try a new sport We’re heading to the sea for a few day this summer so my sister and I so want to try paddle boarding, surfing and the likes. Water sports are especially fun in summer as you’re outside in the (hopefully) gorgeous weather, probably falling into a freezing lake off of a sheet of wood. Ok, that don’t sound too good, just try something new, ‘k?

9. Learn to juggle If you can juggle, congrats you’re my new favourite person ALL HAIL THE JUGGLER. If not, join me this summer and let’s see if we can turn into circus monkeys. Woop woop!

10. See friends and family They’re not always going to be there, let’s be honest. So put aside a week to see all those lovely people, give them a hug, bake them a cake. Put zee phone on SILENT and give them all your attention. They deserve it, you deserve, we deserve it, we’re just all too dang special to not make a fuss of, so do it!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, lovely people. Have a great summer!

Are you going away this summer? Can YOU juggle?!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Essie Sale: Nail Polish Haul!

Essie Rainbow Row

L to R: Full Steam Ahead, Style Cartel, Strut Your Stuff, Naughty Nautical, Ruffles & Feathers (big and small!), Roarrrange, Sunday Funday, Jump in my Jumpsuit, Haute in the Heat, Fifth Avenue

Hey! So I was reading the lovely Helen‘s blog and I saw she had posted an Essie nail polish haul. How can you not read a post about the cutest (and best quality) nail polishes ever? So I read and saw she had picked up all of these lovely colours for £2.50 on sale at Fragrance Direct Online! I was so excited! I love Essie nail polishes…apart from the price. £8 a bottle? Nah mate, nah. So you can believe how enthusiastic I was when I could buy these polishes for a little over 25% of the normal price? So, um, yeah. I may have bought a few. Like *cough* 5 regulars and 3 gift sets *cough*…

Essie Polishes

Essie Polishes Together

First up are the regular 13.5ml bottles. The first one is this gorgeous dark deep raspberry called Jump in my Jumpsuit. The second is the ever so famous Fifth Avenue, a coral-orange red that is a complete classic. I wore this on my toes at the weekend and it was pretty much opaque with one coat! Third is Strut Your Stuff, an aqua blue. Then this teal sea foam is called Ruffles and Feathers, I think this will look perfect on the beach in summer! And finally Style Cartel, a purple navy.

Essie Gift Sets

Now onto the gift sets. These were all £5 each, normally £14.99! The 2014 is now reduced to £3.99 as well! I got two of the summer 2013 collection, one as a gift for a friend. The polishes inside are called Naughty Nautical, similar to Ruffles and Feathers. Then Sunday Funday is a really cute pinky coral. Then finally Full Sunday, a pretty lilac which would be perfect for spring.

The second gift set is the summer 2014 collection. I’ve only just realised there is another Ruffles and Feathers in this set. Oops! All well, can just give it to a friend for a birthday! There is also Haute in the Heat, a lovely raspberry red. Then finally, this is one of my favourites, an incredible tangerine orange called Roarrrange (get it? Roar? Like a tiger? GENIUS)

Essie Sizes Comparisons

Essie Ruffles and Feathers

I do realise that a lot of these are past collections, but I still think they’re gorgeous. I think my favourites are Roarrrange and Strut Your Stuff. Love it! What are your favourites Essie nail polishes? Let me know below!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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5 Things to Know When Going to China

The Forbidden City 5

Hey! So, as you will probably know, I went to China at the beginning of April (a whole post on it here). It was freakin’ fantastic, and I’d definitely recommend visiting this incredible country. But it is so so so different to England.  Like, seriously different. So I thought I would tell you some things that probably I wish I’d known before staying in Beijing for 8 days. Just to make your experience a little more enjoyable than shocking/surprisable. Enjoy! Btw, if you enjoy travel posts I’d really like to know as I love writing them!

1. There is NEVER a set price China is where haggling is going down. It’s like real life Ebay! I stuck with the rule of 25% of asking price and most of the time I got that or just above. Plus do not be scared to walk away if they don’t give you the price you want. You can always find it cheaper another place!

2. They will take a lot of pictures The Chinese have this thing for white, well dressed, blonde foreign students. Maybe they don’t get many tourists? Who knows. But they will take plenty of photos of you, especially if you do a group photo or whatever. It does get slightly annoying, so what my friends and I did was just turn away and most of them got the idea.


3. It is NOT big Chinese takeaway! They do not serve prawn crackers with every meal, I’ll disappoint you now. Sometimes you see aspects of an English takeaway in your food but a lot of the time it is totally different. For example there is a sweet crispy chicken which you could say was slightly like sweet and sour, but not really. But that’s the whole point of going to the other side of the world, to experience something new!

4. The Chinese aren’t very polite Ok that is a really bad generalisation. Maybe Brits are just really polite but our group found that people pushed quite a lot and we saw one man actually push through a couple who were holding hands. Also, don’t be surprised if deformed men come up to you in the street asking for money. It is quite disturbing but it won’t last long, just keep moving and take no notice. I know that’s harsh but you can’t always give them money.

5. You will have the experience of a lifetime I know I have probably made China sound like a horrendous country and you should never go, I did not mean to do that! I jut wanted to give you some information that might be helpful. China is an absolutely incredible country which is growing and growing in tourism. This means it’s easier for us when we go! There are some truly beautiful places to visit like the temples, Great Wall, Terracotta Army, dumpling banquets and shows and so much more. I am so so so grateful to of had the chance to go to a fantastic experience. I did get a little homesick, (kinda missed my chicken pasta bake for dinner) but that made it even more exciting.

Great Wall of China

If you EVER get the chance to go on a trip to this incredible country, or any country in fact, take it. And really really enjoy it! It may be scary, but when you get to tell your little sister that you got to see real life Giant Pandas, and see her face light up, it is sooooo worth it, telling all these incredible stories (who can count how many times I’ve said incredible in this post?!)

So. What do you think? I don’t often do advice posts, but I do like to switch it up every now and then! Also, I want to know what posts YOU want to see! Let me know in the comments, through my twitter or instagram or maybe we should create a hashtag? That would be so cool! How about…#LottieRequests . Yeah, I like it! I’d love if you took part!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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CHINA 2015

WARNING: LONG POST! At the start of April I went on one of the most incredible experiences I will ever do.

I went to CHINA! It was such a brilliant experience and today I’m here to show you some of the pictures I got. I went with a school group with people from loads of different years so it was nice to get to know people you wouldn’t normally speak to. The food was nothing like a Chinese takeaway, let me tell you that now! But before I tell you everything, who wants to see some photos?! *raises hand*The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City 5

Sketching in Calligraphy class

Tea House

Tea Cup

Rose Tea

Summer Palace 3

Summer Palace 2

Summer Palace

Real Pearls

Olympic Stadium Birds Nest

Kung Fu Show

Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas 2


Bullet Train Fastest Train in the World

Great Wall of China


We laughed a lot

Tiananmen Square

View From Hotel

These photos were only about a quarter of what we did! It was exhausting, slightly daunting, and very home sickening when you’ve barely been out of Europe without your family and then you’re flying 10 hours from them. But, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done and probably will ever do. I am so so so grateful that my parents could send me on a trip like this. It was also a great way to try out my photography skills and try a different culture of food. It is so different to England it was quite scary. For example, not many deformed men come up to you asking for money in the UK, do they now? I’m thinking of doing a travel tips post as I learnt a lot whilst out there. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Have you been to China? Or on another life-changing trip? Tell me all about it!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥