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Well hey! Long time no see! You might have noticed I haven’t posted recently. I was a having a bit of a fight with my blog design, it was the simple things like my social media icons weren’t centered and it really annoyed me! So I went ahead, became a HTML genius (ahem…) and just fiddled with my design a bit. I hope you like the new ‘refresh’ I’ve given it!

I’m also going to start doing 2-3 posts a week! I’ve decided that as I was doing 1 post a week I felt that it had to be really high quality. And because I felt this I worked so hard that the posts weren’t even that great quality! So, some snazzy new good quality posts are coming your way soon!

I’ve also got Pinterest now! I know, slightly late to the party, but hey? What can a girl do?

Right, see ya lovely people! Until Monday!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life: Why Cambria Joy is The Youtuber You Should Be Watching



Guess what….#LottiesLife is back! It’s the summer, or well it’s supposed to be (darn you British weather!) and yo girl got some time on her hands. So my midweek diary is back! Today I’m talking about a Youtuber I’ve been watching for the past year or so, Cambria Joy, aged 19, previously breelovesbeauty. This girl is just, ah. Let me explain.

First of all, GIRL THE BROWS ARE ON FLEEK. *cough cough* right. Moving on.

No moving back, the brows though. Is there such thing as eye brow donation services? I really hope there is. I would pay a lot to have such lovely brows. #2015probz

Cambria is one of those Youtubers who’s videos are constantly flooded with “You’re an inspiration” “Thank you for helping me find God” (more on that later) and “You are just so sweet!”. All are true. Cambria has that specific aura and spirit that even if you haven’t met her, you know that she is truly a beautiful person, inside and out. She’s so mature for her age (she’s only 19, can you believe it?!)

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Beach

She is a firm Christian and speaks about her relationship with God regularly, which I think is so so so important. To have a good relationship with God, personally, I think you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about what you prayed about last night or how often you go to Church. And I think that for some reason, her subscribers almost trust her more because she is a Christian. I may be wrong but that’s just what I’ve gathered from the comments! I’ve also really enjoyed watching her Bible Study videos, they’ve helped me a lot.

Cam is training to become a personal trainer, which is SO COOL. I’ve learnt so much useful information from her health videos, they’ve really inspired me to put down the chocolate and get up and go outside! She talks a lot about motivation as well which I’m sure will make her a brilliant personal trainer, for sure!

And the quality of her videos, oh my. The editing, camera quality and everything else is just perfect. You know those videos where you have to skip roughly two minutes to actually get to the video? Well you almost don’t want to do that in Cam’s videos! Do you know what I mean? You want to watch what she’s saying. Maybe I’m talking a load of rubbish, haha!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Beach

And finally. This. Girl. Is. Beautiful. She’s got that gorgeous beachy waves boho look going on and I LOVE IT. And Cambria thank you so much for joining that website, makes following your Instagram a lot easier.

In conclusion, Cambria should be on your subscription list. If she’s not, do it now. Binge watch her videos. Leave lovely comments. Share her links. This girl deserves so much love. She’s had some rough patches in her life. Just watch day 3 of her Vlogust vlogs. How she even picked up a camera let alone go for a photoshoot after what happened the night before I’m not sure. Actually I am. She has God with her. She’s a beautiful soul, and she’s brave. So yeah, check her out, will you?

Have you watched any of Cam’s videos? Who are your favourite Youtubers? I’d love to talk to you!

Lots of Love, Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life: New Dress and Daffodils

Hey, you! How are we? Good? Good. If you’re following me on Instagram then you would know that I came back from China last week! A post is hopefully coming next Monday, I would do it this Monday but honestly going through 1000 photos is harder than you think! Still suffering from jet lag unfortunately, don’t think I’ve ever felt so tired at 7pm every night! Anywhoooo, onto today’s #LottiesLife. I went shopping yesterday with mum and sister and found this GORGEOUS dress in H&M. It was originally £25, but reduced to £15 in the sale. It’s very pretty and I can totally see me wearing this in summer!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Cream Dress

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Cream Dress Closeup

Pretty cute, huh? Now, I hope everyone has been enjoying this GLORIOUS weather we’ve been having in England. How beautiful has it been?! So I went to the market yesterday as well and we decided to buy some daffodil-esque flowers, a bargain at 5 bunches for £2! Then what happened? It started raining. RAINING, I REPEAT, RAINING. But I guess this picture sort of shows the flowers saying: ya know what? It’s all grey outside but I’m gonna keep BLOOMING. Very optimistic, Mr Daffodil, well done.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Flowers in the Grey Skies

Hope you have all had a good week. How have you been enjoying the (previously) fantastic weather? Or, if you’re not in the UK, what’s it been like near you?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life: Insurgent and 24 Sharpies for £8.49!

Hey guys! So on Saturday I went to see Insurgent with my friend and then we went shopping afterwards. I never really go to the cinema but we had some free tickets so ya know YOLO and all that. I’m going to do a mini review of Insurgent  (SPOILER ALERT) then tell you about my bargain Sharpies, enjoy!



I thought Insurgent was good, but not as good as Divergent. I’ve read the book and the story line was nothing like it. There was no mention of Will’s sister, the alliance Tris had with Marcus and where on Earth did that weird box come from? Also, Jeanine was killed right at the end not 3/4 way through, and was shot by Evelyn not Tori. The simulation was really weird, don’t remember that at all. There was also a lot of pauses for Tris and Tobias to stare into each other’s eyes, that’s all very well but in the middle of every scene? No thanks. It is meant to be a teen movie but still, I’m a teen and I was gagging slightly. I thought the graphics were ok but some of the backgrounds looked very fake and the weird pixels when Tobias was the sim. All very strange! But I did love the excitement and adventure of the film, just like the first one. But the story line did let it down, if I’m honest!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Sharpies

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Sharpies 2

Yes guys, you did read that right. I got 24 sharpies for £9.49 (because my other item was a £1 pack of Mini Eggs, duh). I got this from W H Smith, but it is only in store unfortunately. There was another pack of 24 Sharpies but they were £10, because they had some fancy shmancy metallic pens. This is is the 80’s Glam pack, I still think these are better! I really wanted some  more Sharpies as there are so many Spring DIY’s going around at the moment that involve Sharpies, so these were pretty perfect!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to this week! Tell me what you’ve been up to, I really do like chatting with you guys 🙂

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life: Drinking Tea!

Hey everyone! Not much as happened this week so when all else fails, what should we result to? Tea. Always! I’ve been really loving this Pukka Peppermint and Licorice Tea at the moment. I don’t really like ‘real’ tea, I find it quite bland and boring. And coffee is too strong and bitter for me so I settle in the middle for herbal teas! I love the Teapigs Peppermint and Licorice Tea but it’s sooooo expensive, I can’t really afford to drink it every night! Plus how cute is my teapot from Sainsbury’s? And it matches my Starbies mug! Life is now complete people!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Tea


I also love fruity teas such as Twinings Mango and Cinnamon or Mango and Strawberry! Actually, I think I love all teas as I love green tea as well. To be honest I don’t think you find many teens who blog about tea, but I guess it’s better than me getting horrible teeth on Sprite and all that weird stuff. But let’s be real, no one can resist a cold glass of Robinson’s Orange Squash!

What are your favourite teas? I need your recommendations so I can try more!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

Lottie’s Life: Red Nose Day Bake Sale!

Hey everyone, we good? We reeeeaaal good? Great! This week my family have been busy baking cakes for a bake sale my sister is doing for Red Nose Day on Friday. It is today, so remember to keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for photos later on! My mum made these colourful butter cream cakes (yes, she so got that idea from the Great Comic Relief Bake Off) and they look pretty cool! And the cherries are red noses, you get it? Red noses? For Red Nose Day? Get it? Hilarious, I know.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Red Nose Day 2

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lottie's Life Red Nose Day

Well guys, hope you thoroughly enjoyed that! are you drooling yet? Brill. Job done. Have a smashing week (oh how posh) Also, this is my 50th post! How weird is that? Can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long! 🙂

Are you raising any money for Red Nose Day? Or has your community/country got a different charitable event? Let me know in the comments, I love to know what you’re up to!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life: The World on My Wrist and Being Veggie!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WOOP WOOP! I’M WAYYYY TOO EXCITED! Let’s try that again…hey everyone! Sending you guys lots of lovely warm hugs as it’s sooooo cold outside. I came in from a dog walk and I’m not even joking I was finding it hard to write. So, as you do, I left my Biology on the side for a minute while I wrote a blog post to ‘warm up my fingers’ (yes, Sneaky is my middle name). But, back to you, how are we all? Wishing you were in some tropical paradise? Yep, me too, me too.

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 9 Watch 1

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 9 Watch 2

I saw this watch in one of the lovely Aly’s posts (she’s a blogger at and she’s fab, check her out!) I fell in love with the watch instantly and had to order it! I didn’t order the one she ordered which look clear and outlined and mine is slightly more blurry but I still think it’s cute. And only £1.18! Did you notice the title? Who remembers that hymn from primary school He’s got the whole world in His hands…

It took almost 2 weeks to arrive and I’ve been wearing it nearly everyday for a few weeks now AND IT HASN’T EXPLODED! I always get the feeling when ordering something cheaply on eBay from a huge Asian company that it’s going to break within a few hours, but this watch has held up well!

I totally forgot to tell you lovely peeps that I’ve gone vegetarian for Lent! I wanted to challenge myself as I usually do something like chocolate. So far, so good! I’ve found loads of bean and lentil curries that are making me drool! I was inspired by my friend who is ‘full time’ veggie and I thought if she can do it then I can do it for a mere 46 days! She’s also going to China with me I don’t know how she’s not going to be tempted by the amazing dishes out there!

So not much on this week, obviously apart FROM MY BIRTHDAY TODAY (have I mentioned that already?). But I want to know what YOU guys have been up to this week, I love connecting with my readers. Let me know in the comments! See ya…

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for another award! Thanks again to the wonderful Laurel at a little piece of driftwood. Thanks girl! So, basically, what I’ve got to do is share 7 facts about myself and nominate 15 other bloggers! I’m really sorry if I’ve got anything wrong, I’ve never received this award before! So, let’s get on!


1. I HATE injections. I think it all started when I got my ears pierced and fainted aged 11. Who knows, but sadly I don’t think I’m going to grow out of it any time soon 😦

2. I love baking, especially lemon drizzle cake! I’m planning on making a Lemon and Rosemary Cake soon!

3. I used to run 5k every weekend. Ummmm yeah I probably haven’t done that since the summer. Oops.

4. I love room decor and interior design.

5. I believe a fresh vase of flowers make everything better!

6. I am Christened, yet didn’t start studying the Bible til April 2013, inspired by the great relationship my best friend has with God.

7. I play guitar and am currently practicing for my grade 2 but I also love playing piano.

So that’s me! Now for you lovely bloggers out there:

Katie at What Katie Ate 

Jill at A Little Soap Box

Vicky at Victoria’s Vintage

Emily at Emily Jane

Monica at The first lime

Becky at Lipgloss and Lashes

Rachelle at Beloved Bluebird

Kat at Tales of a Pale Face

Rebecca-Louise at Autumn Leaves

Victoria at Inthefrow

Cassey at Blogilates

Corrie at Dizzybrunette3

Heart Handmade UK

Katie at Chocolate Covered Katie

Harri at Vanilla Craft Blog

So yes, you can either just tell me your facts or write a blog post about it! Thanks again to Laurel for this great award!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life: By the Seaside, by the Sea!

Hey everyone! How’s your week been? At the weekend my family and I went to visit some relatives by the sea, I swear it is always sunny on the coast! I went for a lovely sunset run one night and AAHHHH I JUST WANT TO LIVE THERE. I also went for a walk on one of the nights and took some photos in ‘the golden hour’, I believe that’s what they call it! I love how soft and beautiful everything is before sunset. These photos were not edited AT ALL apart from my watermark! How cool is that? Enjoy!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 8 1


Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 8 2

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 8 5


Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 8 3


Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 8 7

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 8 6

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Lotties Life Week 8 4


I absolutely love being by the sea! I’d love to visit Californian and Italian beaches, definitely going to travel a lot when I’m older!

Do you like the seaside? What’s your favourite beach?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life: Liebster Award and Instagram!

Hey everybody! I have some exciting news…I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! Now, I’m going to be honest, I barely knew anything about this award before I received it, all I knew was that you wrote a blog post about it. But here’s a really good article telling you how it all works!



I was nominated by the lovely Laurel at a little piece of driftwood. Thank you so much for the nomination!


1. What are your new year’s resolutions and have you been keeping them?
I didn’t really have any resolutions, but I made some ‘promises’. I promised that I would get closer to God, improve the content of my blog, practice photography and love life!
2. What is your favourite quote?
A pretty simple one, but “Life is beautiful”, because it really is.
3. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
I love Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Hart!
4. Do you prefer music or reading?
That is a tough one, but I’ll work my way around it by saying music because you can still listen to audio books! Cheeky me 🙂
5. Which is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
My Topshop Joni Petite jeans that I got in the sale for £10!
6. Where in the world would you most like to live and why?
Sydney or Melbourne, Australia because I could be could close to some lovely friends that live over there and because I’d love the beach life! (so maybe Cali as well) But then Italy or Amsterdam…
7. Do you believe in soulmates?
Well this is deep! I think yes because there will always be someone who loves you even if you don’t know it yet.
8. Who was the first person you thought of this morning?
Cambria Joy and her newest video, gosh that girl is perfect.
9. What was your favourite subject in school?
I love the creative subjects like Art, Drama, Dance, Music and English even if I’m not that good at some of them.
10. What do you love most about yourself?
My ability to stay constantly positive yet be able to accept that sometimes all you need is a good sob.
11. What inspired you to start a blog?
I firstly wanted to start a Youtube channel, but just couldn’t get it right. Then I found the amazing bloggersphere and I was sold!
Now for my nominees…
 My questions:
1. What’s your favourite colour?
2. What’s your favourite dessert?
3. What’s your favourite part of blogging?
4. What’s your favourite music artist?
5. If you could spend 4 weeks anywhere, where would it be?
6. Do you wanna build a snowman?
7. Who’s your favourite blogger at the moment?
8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
9. What’s your favourite way to make you feel better?
10. What’s your favourite quote?
11. One fact no one knows about you?
Sorry for the lack of nominees, I lost all my work on this post so had to quickly redo it! But, on a good note, I now have Instagram! You can follow me here. Not many pics up yet, but just to let you know 🙂
Lots of Love,
Lottie ♥