Lottie’s Life: Why Cambria Joy is The Youtuber You Should Be Watching



Guess what….#LottiesLife is back! It’s the summer, or well it’s supposed to be (darn you British weather!) and yo girl got some time on her hands. So my midweek diary is back! Today I’m talking about a Youtuber I’ve been watching for the past year or so, Cambria Joy, aged 19, previously breelovesbeauty. This girl is just, ah. Let me explain.

First of all, GIRL THE BROWS ARE ON FLEEK. *cough cough* right. Moving on.

No moving back, the brows though. Is there such thing as eye brow donation services? I really hope there is. I would pay a lot to have such lovely brows. #2015probz

Cambria is one of those Youtubers who’s videos are constantly flooded with “You’re an inspiration” “Thank you for helping me find God” (more on that later) and “You are just so sweet!”. All are true. Cambria has that specific aura and spirit that even if you haven’t met her, you know that she is truly a beautiful person, inside and out. She’s so mature for her age (she’s only 19, can you believe it?!)

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Beach

She is a firm Christian and speaks about her relationship with God regularly, which I think is so so so important. To have a good relationship with God, personally, I think you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about what you prayed about last night or how often you go to Church. And I think that for some reason, her subscribers almost trust her more because she is a Christian. I may be wrong but that’s just what I’ve gathered from the comments! I’ve also really enjoyed watching her Bible Study videos, they’ve helped me a lot.

Cam is training to become a personal trainer, which is SO COOL. I’ve learnt so much useful information from her health videos, they’ve really inspired me to put down the chocolate and get up and go outside! She talks a lot about motivation as well which I’m sure will make her a brilliant personal trainer, for sure!

And the quality of her videos, oh my. The editing, camera quality and everything else is just perfect. You know those videos where you have to skip roughly two minutes to actually get to the video? Well you almost don’t want to do that in Cam’s videos! Do you know what I mean? You want to watch what she’s saying. Maybe I’m talking a load of rubbish, haha!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Beach

And finally. This. Girl. Is. Beautiful. She’s got that gorgeous beachy waves boho look going on and I LOVE IT. And Cambria thank you so much for joining that LIKEtoKNOW.it website, makes following your Instagram a lot easier.

In conclusion, Cambria should be on your subscription list. If she’s not, do it now. Binge watch her videos. Leave lovely comments. Share her links. This girl deserves so much love. She’s had some rough patches in her life. Just watch day 3 of her Vlogust vlogs. How she even picked up a camera let alone go for a photoshoot after what happened the night before I’m not sure. Actually I am. She has God with her. She’s a beautiful soul, and she’s brave. So yeah, check her out, will you?

Have you watched any of Cam’s videos? Who are your favourite Youtubers? I’d love to talk to you!

Lots of Love, Lottie ♥

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My Current Favourite Bloggers

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Favourite Bloggers

Hey, you! I’m so so sorry for the lack of #LottiesLife last week…again! Life kind of got in the way. BUT we have a good ol’ share-the-love post today; my favourite bloggers! Some of them are big, some small. The most important thing though is that they make me scroll through ALL THEIR POSTS. So yeah. You could say I have some love for these wonderful people!

1. Harri at Vanilla Craft Blog – age 15, New Zealand, crafty photographer who throws in a few hauls and room tours here and there. So professional and so cute, Harri is definitely a blogger who you’ll come back to.

2. Vicky at Victoria’s Vintage – age 24, UK, Cath Kidston-esque blogger who is so thrifty and her Poundland posts are my favourite. Beautiful blog design, lovely to read and all round British!

3. Carin at Paris in Four Months – age 23, originally from Stockholm, Carin moved to Paris and captures The City of Love perfectly with her stunning photography (I think many of her photos have been used for my computer wallpaper!). She makes you want to jump straight on a plane to Paris, have breakfast at Laudureé, visit cute courtyards and buy macaroons. Carin’s your girl!

4. Tolly at Tolly Dolly Posh – age 14, UK and France, oh Tolly Tolly Tolly. Your outfits make my heart SING not to mention the photography. Tolly is such a lovely blogger and her style is top notch. Give this gal a go, you’ll love her, I’m sure!

5. Anna at Vivianna Does Makeup – UK, everyone has heard of Anna, and it’s for a very good reason! She’s a beautiful, talented makeup-obsessed Londoner who shares her life through her blog and Youtube channel, her writing gives me the LOLs *cringe* and she is also very professional. One to bookmark, me thinks!

6. Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess – sisters, USA, these two have taken the DIY world by STORM with their incredible ideas and photography, beautiful blog design and their friendly helpful writing. They now have a whole team behind them making this blog more perfect than humanly possible!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Favourite Bloggers Shoes on Beach

7. Yasmin at Beauty in the Rain – teen, UK, Yas is a real newbie to the sometimes intimidating world of blogging, and she’s already very professional. She’s a good friend of mine but that doesn’t mean I’m mentioning her for just that reason! Her reviews are very honest and you can tell she really thinks about them. If you visit her, tell her I sent you!

8. Becky at Milk Bubble Tea – 24, UK, I once saw a comment on Becky’s blog saying “her photography makes me feel like I’m in a winter wonderland!” and I couldn’t agree more. Her style of blogging is so lovely to just chill out and read and HER DOG. No words can describe how much I want an Oscar (that’s the name of her dog, although a movie award would be lovely) .

9. Kate at gh0stparties – 22, UK, Kate is so lovely and Pinteresty and basically, I want her handpainted cactus pots. Her photography: amazing, her Youtube vids: fantastic and she’s just an all round beautiful blogger! You go girl!

10. Helen at The Love Cats Inc – UK, ooooo Helen, you lovely blogger! Your photos are fantastic and I really love your baking posts. Planning on making those Whoopie Pies very soon. She’s also a lot of fun to follow on Twitter, your Metro rantings do make me chuckle a little bit. Give this girl a go, and you won’t be disappointed!

And that concludes some of my favourite bloggers! Obviously I have so many, it was very hard narrowing it down to just 10. Otherwise this would turn into a modern version of War and Peace, and nobody wants that (well not that I know of!)

Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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