Comins Tea House

Hi! So last week I went on holiday and we went to Comins Tea House in Sturminster, Newton, Dorset. It was such a great place that I had to feature it on my blog! A tea house is basically where you try lots of traditional teas from all over the world (no PG Tips here!). It was quite different to your classic Cath-Kidston-floral-apron-vintage-tea-cups sort of tea place, as you’ll see! Keep on reading to see some photos and a quick review of this brilliant place!

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Comins Tea House is very minimalist, which is a nice change to the classic pink floral houses you see! Don’t get me wrong, I love a little Cath Kidston but this was a lot more unique! The minute we walked in the owner, Michelle, welcomed us and took us to a table in the adorable courtyard. Luckily, it was a really sunny day! My aunt and I shared the ‘Comparison’ tea menu, where we tasted 5 different teas. Don’t even ask what the teas were called, I can barely pronounce them let alone type them!

Michelle gave us a run down of how everything works and how the tea house started, which was actually really interesting! We then chose our teas and a couple cakes, try the chocolate caramel shortbread, YOU WILL DIE OF HAPPINESS (and sugar overload…). Michelle then brought out our teas every 10 minutes or so, telling us where each tea came from and how it is made. She then explained how long to steep it for, and gave us a timer so we could do it ourselves. It was so much fun!

I then told her about how I visited a tea house in Beijing and she took genuine interest in it, which was so lovely! Overall I really enjoyed my time at Comins, I will definitely return!

Have you ever been to a tea house? What was your experience? I’d love to know!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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5 Things to Know When Going to China

The Forbidden City 5

Hey! So, as you will probably know, I went to China at the beginning of April (a whole post on it here). It was freakin’ fantastic, and I’d definitely recommend visiting this incredible country. But it is so so so different to England.  Like, seriously different. So I thought I would tell you some things that probably I wish I’d known before staying in Beijing for 8 days. Just to make your experience a little more enjoyable than shocking/surprisable. Enjoy! Btw, if you enjoy travel posts I’d really like to know as I love writing them!

1. There is NEVER a set price China is where haggling is going down. It’s like real life Ebay! I stuck with the rule of 25% of asking price and most of the time I got that or just above. Plus do not be scared to walk away if they don’t give you the price you want. You can always find it cheaper another place!

2. They will take a lot of pictures The Chinese have this thing for white, well dressed, blonde foreign students. Maybe they don’t get many tourists? Who knows. But they will take plenty of photos of you, especially if you do a group photo or whatever. It does get slightly annoying, so what my friends and I did was just turn away and most of them got the idea.


3. It is NOT big Chinese takeaway! They do not serve prawn crackers with every meal, I’ll disappoint you now. Sometimes you see aspects of an English takeaway in your food but a lot of the time it is totally different. For example there is a sweet crispy chicken which you could say was slightly like sweet and sour, but not really. But that’s the whole point of going to the other side of the world, to experience something new!

4. The Chinese aren’t very polite Ok that is a really bad generalisation. Maybe Brits are just really polite but our group found that people pushed quite a lot and we saw one man actually push through a couple who were holding hands. Also, don’t be surprised if deformed men come up to you in the street asking for money. It is quite disturbing but it won’t last long, just keep moving and take no notice. I know that’s harsh but you can’t always give them money.

5. You will have the experience of a lifetime I know I have probably made China sound like a horrendous country and you should never go, I did not mean to do that! I jut wanted to give you some information that might be helpful. China is an absolutely incredible country which is growing and growing in tourism. This means it’s easier for us when we go! There are some truly beautiful places to visit like the temples, Great Wall, Terracotta Army, dumpling banquets and shows and so much more. I am so so so grateful to of had the chance to go to a fantastic experience. I did get a little homesick, (kinda missed my chicken pasta bake for dinner) but that made it even more exciting.

Great Wall of China

If you EVER get the chance to go on a trip to this incredible country, or any country in fact, take it. And really really enjoy it! It may be scary, but when you get to tell your little sister that you got to see real life Giant Pandas, and see her face light up, it is sooooo worth it, telling all these incredible stories (who can count how many times I’ve said incredible in this post?!)

So. What do you think? I don’t often do advice posts, but I do like to switch it up every now and then! Also, I want to know what posts YOU want to see! Let me know in the comments, through my twitter or instagram or maybe we should create a hashtag? That would be so cool! How about…#LottieRequests . Yeah, I like it! I’d love if you took part!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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CHINA 2015

WARNING: LONG POST! At the start of April I went on one of the most incredible experiences I will ever do.

I went to CHINA! It was such a brilliant experience and today I’m here to show you some of the pictures I got. I went with a school group with people from loads of different years so it was nice to get to know people you wouldn’t normally speak to. The food was nothing like a Chinese takeaway, let me tell you that now! But before I tell you everything, who wants to see some photos?! *raises hand*The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City 5

Sketching in Calligraphy class

Tea House

Tea Cup

Rose Tea

Summer Palace 3

Summer Palace 2

Summer Palace

Real Pearls

Olympic Stadium Birds Nest

Kung Fu Show

Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas 2


Bullet Train Fastest Train in the World

Great Wall of China


We laughed a lot

Tiananmen Square

View From Hotel

These photos were only about a quarter of what we did! It was exhausting, slightly daunting, and very home sickening when you’ve barely been out of Europe without your family and then you’re flying 10 hours from them. But, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done and probably will ever do. I am so so so grateful that my parents could send me on a trip like this. It was also a great way to try out my photography skills and try a different culture of food. It is so different to England it was quite scary. For example, not many deformed men come up to you asking for money in the UK, do they now? I’m thinking of doing a travel tips post as I learnt a lot whilst out there. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Have you been to China? Or on another life-changing trip? Tell me all about it!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥