Keeping Productive and Organised

Ok, so it’s nearly mid January and well…this is where it all starts going downhill, isn’t it? Those early morning runs become tedious, the sheer volumes of low-fat yoghurt and berries you consume is bringing you down. Your New Year Resolutions seem even harder to achieve! So here are my tips for keeping that refreshed, productive New Year feeling, enjoy!


  1. Personal Notes in Your Diary

Basically, buy the cutest most colourful pens ever and doodle and write cute little quotes all over the pages of your diary. I’ve done Bible quotes, healthy eating quotes and just general YOU GO GIRL vibes to make my diary fun! I have this one from the Works, which was only £1.50! Fun fact, when taking this to the till there was no price ticket on it so the girl only charged me £1, but being the good person I am ( 😉 ) I checked the price and gave the extra 50p! Honesty for the win, bebz 🙂

Phone and Notebook Lots of Love Lottie

2. A New Font

Not gonna lie, fonts are my jam. Pretty handwritten ones, big block ones, all of them! I find using a fun font at the beginning of essays or revision time tables really inspires me to work hard. Here’s a screenshot of my biology timetable. Some of my favourites are Soymilk (sample in my biology table below), LillyBelle and Sweet Pea. DaFont and 1001fonts are great places to source those Pinterest-esque fonts.

New Font Lots of Love Lottie

3. Organise Your Drawers

That feeling of opening clean and tidy drawers is soooo satisfying. It’s also a great chance to donate unwanted clothes to charity, or sell on eBay or Depop. By the way, what does everyone think of Depop? So far I’ve heard good and bad about it!

T Shirt Lots of Love Lottie

4. “Streamline”

Now this is a new technique of mine. Streamlining, and by this I mean simplifying things. Us humans like to make errrrrrything way too complicated and hard work. Now I do believe in hard work, but the simple life does things not just for your mental health but physical too. For example, why do we need 12 makeup products just for school? Mascara. Lipbalm. Brows. Done! Takes less time, is less expensive, and there’s less chance of getting eyeliner smudges or lipstick rubbing off. Or, running with no music. No hassle of trying to reach the next button and skipping a track, or checking for texts every 5 minutes. Just you, your trainers and nature. Sounds good, right? I am in no way a therapist or life counseller or whatever, just a girl trying new things out.

And they are my tips! Hope you enjoyed! What are your favourite ways to keep productive and organised? Any secret tips?

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Lottie’s Life – Spirit of Christmas Fair!

Well hello, lovely internet friends. Surprised to see me? Yay! That’s because I’m starting a new series on mt blog, Lottie’s Life It’s basically a mid-week diary from the last week that I’ll post on Wednesday. This week’s issue (doesn’t that sound posh?!) is about a recent fair I went to. I probably won’t do this intro every week, just crack on with the show, but I thought I’d explain this week why I popped up out of the blue 🙂

Soooooo on Sunday 9th November my mum and I headed to the train station to catch a train to London! We were so lucky, the train was pretty busy so we were standing in the ‘corridor’ and one of the train guards walked past and said we could sit in First Class. I was very excited, to put it mildly. Plus there was only one other guy sat in our carriage, so we basically had the whole section to ourselves! When we got to Paddington we took the tube to the Olympia in Kensington. The Olympia is basically a huuuuuge venue for special events. My mum had somehow wangled us free tickets to the Travel Fair which meant we could also go into the Spirit of Christmas Fair.

Firstly we went into the Travel Fair, which was ok but a lot of the holidays advertised were like super duper 5* at-least-£300-a-night places so that didn’t really appeal to us. But on the plus side, we did get to enter lots of competitions to win holidays! We also had our free drinks in the posh champagne bar, where this fancy French guy explained to me the different flavours of Belvoir. You know, the usual.


THEN. And that’s a big then. We went over to the Spirit of Christmas Fair which was fantastic! We started off by walking around the food section on the higher level. We tested a lot of the samples, and all were delicious! Sadly I forgot to take any photos at this point, sorry.


 After the food section we headed down to the gifts etc. There were a lot of stands! Obviously my favourites were the Christmas ones. We stayed there for a couple hours before heading out of the venue for some lunch! We found this Persian restaurant  called YAS (I think). I ordered the chicken open sandwich and it was HUGE! But, very yummy all the same 😉 My mum had these lamb things, but I didn’t get to try it as I don’t eat lamb.



After lunch we headed back into the fair and looked around a few more stalls. But how cool is this dress that was on display?!


At the end of the day a lot of the stalls started doing really good bargains. I got these macaroon ornaments for £1 for three and these little mushroom decorations that said 2 for £1 but the guy gave me an extra one for free! Thank you random stranger!


Well that was a pretty perfect day – Christmas, shopping, London and FOOD all wrapped into one! I really enjoyed it, I’m relly grateful that I am able to go to places like this. What were you up to last week? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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