Cyprus 2015

Hello, loves! How are we all? Good? Good. So I’ve been a bit quiet on the old blog recently, as I’ve been jet setting around Europe. As you do.

I went on a 4 day trip to France with school, and I’d love to show you the photos but online safety and all that, I think many of them contain the faces of the kids, so nuh uh. Prefer to keep my school and blog life separate 🙂

So I came back from that magical adventure, spent a day at school, then hopped on a 6:40am plane to Paphos, Cyprus! Hope you enjoy the photos!Cyprus 1

Cyprus 2

Cyprus 3

Cyprus 4

Cyprus 5

Cyprus 6

Cyprus 7

Cyprus 8

Cyprus 9

Just looking at those photos makes me wish I was back in 27c heat. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, it even had a private beach! How cool?! I am SO living somewhere warmer when I’m older, I realise how happier it makes me! But I guess now I’m back that means one thing…Christmas! Eeek! So. Excited. When is it acceptable to start posting Christmas DIY’s is what I want to know…

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend, and here’s to a brilliant start to the week!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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A Day In London

Hello! Sorry for the absence. Life turned into a bit of a roller coaster lately, and well, my little corner of t’Internet had to take a break! Buuuuuut today I’m BACK (back again, gen, gen….) with a megz exciting post. So ma famille et moi went to London the other day for a bit of market shopping and I felt so Pinteresty and cool and it was a beautiful Sunday and LIFE WAS GREAT Y’ALL. Today I’m showing some pics from our day out but I’ve edited them like I would an Instagram photo (follow me here for cute flowers and sunrises). Hope you enjoy!

london 4

london 6

After trying to work our way round the transport system (and maybe even missing our stop…) we finally got off at Shoreditch High Street station. Ok, so now turn right. Oh. My. They have this massive fruit and veg stall with apples and oranges selling for a pound a bowl (pictured above!). It was incredibly cheap for such good quality ingredients! At the end of the day we popped back and I got a great punnet of dates for only a pound! They are the softest, sweetest dates I’ve ever eaten and so much cheaper than supermarkets!

london 12

london 10

london 8

We then started going down to Columbia Road Market but on the way found some cool tube stations, churches and super cute shops! I LOVE this tomato tin!

london 5

london 7

london 1

COLUMBIA ROAD FLOWER MARKET. Just wow. It was a stunning day and there must have been hundreds of people wading their way through the individual flower stalls. There were gorgeous hydrangeas, beautiful roses and interesting succulents and cacti to choose from! I think my sister and I ended up buying around 15 cacti, they were really well priced!

london 3

london 13

We then did the oh-so Instagram thing of getting fresh juices! I had orange and it was so refreshing and delicious. Honestly I could live off of fresh juice. SO GOOD. We bought it from this tiny little shop which only one lady could fit in! She also sold these delicious looking cookies, mmm!

london 9

london 2

And finally we headed down to the Brick Lane markets where there was this vintage camera stand and I saw this Olympus and it instantly remind me of their current PEN  E-PL7! Then there was this fruit stand which sold these bad boys filled to brim with fresh fruit! And only about £2 as well, bargain! I absolutely loved going to London with my family, hope you’ve enjoyed the pics you beautiful people!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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My Favourite Life Hacks Part 1!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Life Hacks

I know, late again, aren’t I? But come on, these posts are pretty darn useful! Over the years I’ve collected quite a few hacks to make life just slightly more bearable, so here are my favourite picks.

  1. When chopping grapes or tomatoes, you can stack a max of 3 on top of each other and carefully slice through. This saves A LOT of time!
  2. When going for a walk in the rain, put your phone in a zip lock bag to protect it. My mum drowned her phone without realising because her pocket was slightly open so the rain just washed in!
  3. The Works is a brilliant place for cheap craft supplies. I saw a packet of fake leaves (perfect for Autumn!) in there the other day for less than a pound!
  4. When cleaning always leave hoovering til last so you’re not brushing dust onto a clean floor! A simple but sometimes not so obvious hack!
  5. Make your own hot chocolate with just cocoa powder and Stevia/sugar. Here’s the link to my Healthy Gingerbread Hot Chocolate recipe!
  6. Coconut oil is fab for pretty much everything! After showering I apply a tiny bit to the ends of my hair. It’s also great for greasing a baking tin.
  7. Apply your heaviest moisturiser at night as the Skin Cycle says that your skin is driest at 2am, so a rich cream before bed will help combat this.

And I’m sure I have about six million more tips but that’s all that came to my head today! Enjoy!

What are your favourite life hacks? Got any secret ones?;)

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Life Lately!

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Cambria Joy

Well hey! Long time no see! You might have noticed I haven’t posted recently. I was a having a bit of a fight with my blog design, it was the simple things like my social media icons weren’t centered and it really annoyed me! So I went ahead, became a HTML genius (ahem…) and just fiddled with my design a bit. I hope you like the new ‘refresh’ I’ve given it!

I’m also going to start doing 2-3 posts a week! I’ve decided that as I was doing 1 post a week I felt that it had to be really high quality. And because I felt this I worked so hard that the posts weren’t even that great quality! So, some snazzy new good quality posts are coming your way soon!

I’ve also got Pinterest now! I know, slightly late to the party, but hey? What can a girl do?

Right, see ya lovely people! Until Monday!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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Summer Fashion Wishlist

Lots of Love Lottie Blog Summer Fashion Wishlist

Hello beautiful people! Gahhh it’s so humid at the moment, I can’t wait til we have real summer days. It is Jue for goodness sake! But to get us in the mood for the (hopefully) sunny months ahead, I’ve put together some gorgeous pieces I found online. I especially love those sandals, may have to treat myself to them… Anywho, all items are listed, linked and priced below, just to make it easy for you guys 🙂

1. New Look Orange Embroidered Tote Bag – £19.99

2. H&M Pompom Shorts – £12.99

3. ASOS FOSTER Leather Flat Sandals – £22.00

4. Accessorize Friendship Bracelets x4 – £8.00

5. Hollister One Shoulder Bell Dress – £25.20

How beautiful are all these pieces? I’m loving the boho-festival feeeeel at the moment. Oooh and just to let you know Hollister is having a 50% off sale atm so check that out as there’s some really cute pieces! I know, shocking, Hollister is not just filled with overly expensive graohic tees. Wowza.

What is your favourite summer style? Where’s the best place to buy summer pieces? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥

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