4 Places I’d Like To Travel To

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I love travel soooo much. Especially since getting back from China. I don’t really mind whether it’s a 5* hotel or a mattress on the floor, I just really like experiencing different cultures. Especially the food. Loooots of food. So, this tapestry from CatCoq basically sums up my life! Today I’ve pulled together a list of some of my most-wanted destinations to travel to! And I’m really sorry but I had to go with some of the more well known places, as I couldn’t find many stock photos of the less well known places haha! Enjoy!



Considering that I live in England, I don’t visit London as much as I should! There are so many different parts to London, and I really want to explore as many as I can! I mean, I haven’t even been to any of the food markets, someone tell this girl to pull herself together…



Come on, how could I not?! My family and I visited this beautiful city last year, but were only there for one whole day and an evening meal. I’m going to be honest though, I think part of the wanderlust is because of Carin Olsen’s Instagram and Blog!



Ahhh Florence. Can I just move here and eat all the gelato I want? Please? Ta. But seriously, this city is beautiful, food lover’s paradise and slightly warmer than this weird British weather we’re having. What’s not to love?



We have friends in Melbourne and it honestly looks like such a fun, relaxed life! I mean, they have a parrot. In their house. And when I think Melbourne I think slightly-better-version-of-Sydney-with-surf-boards-and-smoothies. Ya feel me?

And that’s my very condensed list of place I’d like to travel to! Except I’m missing a little something…does anyone have a spare few thousand to solve my wanderlust?!

Do you fancy any of these places? Tell me YOUR list of dream travel destinations!

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Love, Tanya: Book Review

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Lots of Love Lottie Blog Tanya Burr DYeah, I know. Bit late to the party, aren’t I? But I only got the book for my birthday, give me a minute! Tanya Burr: Internet sensation, fashion icon, millions of fans. And yet this book, sounds like she’s writing a personal letter to you. She shows you she had a quaint British childhood, her passions for baking and beauty and so much more. Tan shares a lot, when reading through the LIFE section, I found out so much more about this lovely Youtuber. A lot of my friends think that Tan is quite fake on her Youtube channel (and sometimes I agree) but you see a different side in her book, the real side if you may. My favourite section is obviously the baking, and she’s done a really good job with the photos she took. This is a great book if you want to flip in and out of it when you want, it’s not very serious and is a ‘light-read’ kind. I had read through most of it in a weekend. But when you read little bits again, it’s really interesting to see what bits you may have passed over. This book is definitely for teens to young adults and I would reccommend it pretty much anyone. The only downside to this book is that it seems to have been written very quickly and hastily so I’m sure if Tanya had longer this would be a better quality. Overall, it’s a really lovely book, you can get it for £6.49 on Amazon here.

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Well, hope you enjoyed that post. I quite enjoy writing book reviews, will have to do it again sometime! Anyway if you guys have read Fleur de Force’s Glam Guide, would you mind letting me know if you enjoyed it or not? I’m thinking of buying it, but I’m not sure yet.

Have you read Love, Tanya yet? What did you think

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