Christmas Nails!

Hi guys! First Christmas post this year yesssss. Who’s excited? I am. So, the Christmas season is the perfect time to up your nail game, to let those sparkly talons out in public, because any other time of year they’re probably bare, bitten and possibly dirty. Mmmm mm. Yummy. So here are my favourites!

Christmas Nails

So this first one is a beeeeeautiful classic red from Nails Inc that came with an InStyle magazine last year. I love how it’s so simple yet so lovely! It’s called It’s Red Babez. What a classy name. An alternative to this is Essie Fifth Avenue or if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option is Barry M Gelly Red.

This glitter. Guys. It’s laaaavely (have you noticed the extreme use of letters today, soz). I got this in a Ciaté Advent Calendar. It’s called Ciaté Sequin Dallas Dolly. Wow, they really are running out of names for nail polishes. Actually, this isn’t even a real polish, it’s gold, green and red glitter in a bottle. No ‘liquid’. Just a good ol’ bottle of Christmas Spirit, really. Then, put these two together with a tonne of top coat, and you’ve got yourself some pretty stellar festive nails. Thank me later.

What are you’re favourite Christmas polishes? I’d love some reccommendations!

DIY Halloween Nails!

Toodles my lovely people. Today we have a ghoulishly ghoulish tutorial for some pumpkin nails! Just a disclaimer, I am in NO WAY any good at doing nails, as you can tell. But I tried, and that’s all that matters! I will list the names of the nail polishes at the end…let’s go!

YOU WILL NEED: a dotting tool (or a hair grip/toothpick), base and top coat, white, orange, green and glitter (optional) nail polishes.






Paint your nails with a base coat and let them dry for 2 minutes. Then apply a thin coat of white and let dry for a few minutes. Pai a second coat and let dry for a few more minutes. Put some of the orange nail polish on a piece of paper or old magazine. Take you dotting tool and put two large orange dots next to each other on your nail. Then, using the same tool, gently dab more dots going down towards the end of your nail until you create a pumpkin-y shape. Let these ‘pumpkins’ dry. Put some of the green polish on the paper. Gently drag the dotting tool from the top of the pumpkin to halfway down the nail to create stalk. Let dry. Now you can either paint a glittery coat over the top, but I decided not to. Apply top coat. To create the look on my pointing finger, I just dragged the orange and green polish around my nail randomly! I also changed up the design on my middle finger with just streaks, though it looked pretty good.


Sinful Colors – Snow Me White

Sinful Colors – All About You (Gold)

Barry M 3 in 1 Top, Base and Nail Hardener – Clear

Collection 2000 (shows how old it is!) – Ninja (Green)

Nails Supreme Nail Art Pen – Orange

It’s simple, but effective! What do you think? Will you try it out? Let me know on my Twitter, Facebook or in the comments!

Lots of Love,

Lottie ♥